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Discover all you need to know about neonatal circumcision: essential information for parents.

The cost associated to the procedure for infants from 0-3 months* is 400$ for the Plastibell technique and 500$ for the Gomco technique**.

The procedure for babies between 3-6 months will be offered soon. 

*This service is offered to children between 10 days to 3 months. Please note that parental consent is necessary to carry out this procedure.

**A $75 deposit is required, and it will not be refunded if the patient reschedules or cancels their appointment more than once.

  • Simple, fast and safe

  • Minimal bleeding, no stitches

  • Plastic ring that detaches at the end of the procedure

  • Fee for babies 0-3 months: 400$

Plastibell technique

  • Safe and clean procedure

  • Minimal bleeding, no stitches

  • Gomco clamp holds the foreskin for a clean and precise cut

  • Fee for babies 0-3 months: 500$

Gomco technique

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